Cryosuit is a portable body cooling device for on-site treatment of heat illness. Cryosuit overcomes the logistical barriers associated with ice baths and provides an effective and practical method of rapid cooling.

The Problem

Heat illness kills.

It is the 2nd leading cause of death in sport and the leading cause of death in youth sport. The severity of heat illness is often unrecognised with many individuals entirely unaware of the dangers they are exposed to.

Heat illness not only effects athletes, but anyone exposed to heat while undertaking strenuous tasks. In the US alone, 10 million people operate in hot working conditions that are seriously threatening to their health (International Journey of Biometeorology) with numerous deaths recorded every year.

Rehabilitation and recovery from heat illness can require months, with some cases resulting in permanent debilitating injuries.

The Solution

Rapid response via on-site aggressive cooling is critical for effective treatment of heat illness. Ice baths are the ‘gold standard’ of treatment, however the volume of resources required plus the level of logistical planning for storage and transportation render this method impossible to implement in the vast majority of scenarios.

Cryosuit emulates ice water immersion via large conductive pads that adhere to the torso and upper legs. A compact, portable coolant delivers instant and sustained cooling when injected into the pads. The device is able to be transported and operated by a single person. Combining conduction pads with a portable, on-demand coolant enables cooling rates comparable to ice water immersion with a fraction of the resources.


We envisage numerous use cases where Cryosuit can be effectively deployed. Any scenario where heat or humidity is coupled with strenuous activity, heat illness poses a threat to life. Cryosuit’s compact, lightweight design enables it to be utilised in any scenario, significantly increasing capacity to successfully treat heat illness.

Cryosuit would be beneficial at events and industries including:

  • Endurance events e.g. marathons, triathlons, etc

  • Military

  • Construction workers

  • Fire service

  • Agriculture

  • Mining workers

  • Extreme expeditions


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