Portable body cooling for heat stroke

The Problem

700 million people will be exposed to extreme heat by 2030.

Thousands of deaths occur every year, from military recruits, to athletes and construction workers. It effects anyone exposed to heat while undertaking physical activity.

Heat stroke is a medical emergency and can be fatal if your core temperature is not rapidly reduced.

The most effective treatment is a full body ice bath, but it’s impossible to implement in the vast majority of cases. Transportation to hospital is required, wasting crucial treatment time and putting people’s lives at risk.

Heat stoke is an inescapably growing issue. By 2030, heat related deaths are predicted to increase by 257% due to climate change.

We’re here to change that.

Cryosuit is the ice bath in your backpack

Our patent pending technology emulates the mechanics and effectiveness of ice water immersion, with a fraction of the resources. A powerful coolant stored within compact, portable canisters is injected into conductive pads delivering instant and sustained cooling. Cryosuit is designed to be used in the most austere and remote environments, enabling life-saving treatment in any scenario.


There are numerous markets where Cryosuit can be effectively deployed. Any scenario where heat or humidity is coupled with strenuous activity, heat stroke poses a viable threat. Cryosuit’s compact, lightweight design enables it to be utilised in any scenario, significantly increasing capacity for successful treatment.

  • Construction

  • Defence

  • Public health

  • Fire service

  • Sports

  • Agriculture


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